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Heather Gentzler a Gifted Psychic Medium

Heather Gentzler
Spirit Messenger  and Reiki Master

Heather Gentzler has been blessed with special gifts and is a holistic healer. Heather is very wise and she believes in a non judgement zone when you come to have a session with her. She will always tell you the truth. She will help you figure out the best path for you. The sessions are very private and personal. With just one session you will get a lifelong friend and feel as though all your problems have been lifted. When you book a session with Heather you will have new doors open up in your life. Heather has always been sensitive but losing her daughter Mariah to SIDS in 1992 set her on her journey to help others heal. In April 2010, I had my gallbladder removed and it almost took my life in the process. After I recovered I went back to work and my manager gave me a Reiki book. He told me that I know what to do with the book and that was to heal myself. I then looked for a Reiki master to teach me Reiki. After she taught me Reiki everything changed in my life. Now I live with love, light, harmony, and peace. Heather is a mother of four children and is happily married. Also expecting first grandchild. I work with newborns to elderly.

Heather Gentzler's Daughter Mariah

My daughter Mariah
 who passed away
 July 24, 1992

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