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"In Sept of 2011 I was at a Lancaster Barnstormer Game waiting in the parking lot for the rest of our group to arrive, Heather came up to me and said that Zach wanted to communicate with me. Her words to me was I need to talk to you but I don't want to upset you or make you cry...Heather told me if I didn't want to talk to her or if I was crazy she would leave. I started to tear up and gave her a hug. Heather did not know what had happened to my son Zach.  After the ballgame Heather an I met up a couple days later.  Heather told me things only I knew about what happened to Zach. She mentioned names of other soldiers that were there with my son, the infomation following the incident and other confidential information. The things Heather told me were not in the newspaper or written anywhere. There is no way that Heather would have known the things that she was telling me about Zach, unless she was talking to Zach and he was telling her this stuff. Heather asked me if Zach had a rock, I had no clue as to what she might have been asking me, until it hit me! When I was going through his things from Iraq I came across a red velvet bag that contained a rock. This is when I found out what it actually was, I took the rock and bag to Heather and she said yes that's the one. He was telling her it was for me to keep to help me with my inner self and to protect me. It was a crystal that he had and not had a chance to get it to me before he died. Heather has helped me in so many ways with communicating with Zach and working with crystals.  It has helped relieve some of the pain of Zach no longer being here. And had made me come to the point where I can live again, but it will never relieve the pain of my loss and love for him. I would recommend Heather to anyone that is in need of spiritual healing and anyone that may need to have some type of closure to any situation life may have brought them. I have referred several of my friends to her and the feedback was very positive."

Deb - Mother of Spc Zachary Clouser KIA 7/18/2007

Dover, PA

"I was invited to one of Heather's spirit circles by a friend. I was a little skeptical and not sure what to think. The thought of maybe getting in contact with my parents and loved ones that have passed was greater than my skepticism. Something inside me was telling me to go, so I did. I was amazed of the turn out. She has never met me before this day and knew nothing about me. She told me about so many things and I got in contact with both my parents and other loved ones. There were things that nobody else could possibly know. I had such a sense of relief. To know that my parents are really ok, and to actually have conversations with them. I had many tears of joy. I don't even know how to explain it. Thank you Heather for making a difference in my life. Needless to say I am no longer skeptical."


York, PA

My name is Kimm, I had my first reading with Heather this past weekend, and it was so amazing.  I have done this sort of thing before elsewhere, but is has been a long time. I was expecting to hear that my dad was with me, I lost him to cancer almost 11 years ago, and I heard just that. To get that confirmation was just what I needed.  I am going through a lot of medical issues these days and always feel him by my side, she nailed my issues to a tee…spot on they were.  Never meeting heather prior to this appointment she could have never known otherwise.  The part that really hit home was, she told me that I have a dog with me, described my dog exactly as she was.  I lost her 10 years ago.  She was my heart and soul buddy, we did everything together.   Hearing that she is still doing things with me was incredible news.  I think of her often and now I know why.  I completely believe in Heather and her abilities...  she can only bring peace and/or joy to anyone who visits her; she has some amazing crystals too.  I was skeptical at first until I held one during my visit and amazingly my hands got very warm and felt pain free by the end of the session and I also felt a calming sensation come over me.  And of course I bought one only to hear some other advantages that this crystal would have.  I cannot wait for my next visit with her and to add more friends to her circle.  I haven’t stopped talking about it at all, she is an absolute charm.  I am so glad to have met her and cannot wait for future visits, I hope to try Reiki real soon too!  I totally admire, accept, and appreciate Heather Gentzler for everything she is!


York, PA


Heather is truly gifted, I went to a reading with a friend, and i was a little more than scared, but Heather made me feel welcomed and relaxed right away,Heather reveled to me things no one else knows, good things, and i cried a lot, but it was a good cry. Heather gave me hope, and mentioned what my liefs purpose was, because i was feeling a little more than lost, and i didn't know what direction to go. I also talked about my two beautiful daughters and how they were having trouble sleeping, my oldest has ADHD, enough said there...... and my youngest has bad dreams, and probably once a year she has a night terror, Heather gave me crystals and an amethyst for them to wear, and put under their pillows at night to help with the bad dreams, and the sleepless nights, right away it helped ! THANK YOU HEATHER YOU ARE AMAZING!


York, PA.

I was very skeptical going to see Heather for the first time.  But, from the moment I walked in the door, I knew I was where I was supposed to be.  I went with a group of five and I was the first one that she had a message for.  By the time the session was over, I was totally convinced that Heather does have this special gift.

I have gone back to Heather two times for private sessions.  I consider her a friend and will definitely be going back.

York, Pa

I met with Heather in March 2014, attempting to reach my son.  She was very interesting and made me feel comfortable immediately.  She told me something about my son's passing that only a few people knew of concerning one of the suspects.   To my knowledge, that information was not publicized.  She also asked me about 2 specific colored vehicles (red and blue), at the time, I had no knowledge of those vehicles, so we moved on.  A few days ago, I was talking with the other victim's mother and she shared a story with me concerning someone she contacted while investigating our son's deaths.  This person shared with her the story of what she saw that night.  She stated that after the murders, a blue vehicle and red vehicle pulled up and exchange something with each other and then left.  When the other mother told me this, the hair on my arm stood up!!!  There were more things that Heather told me that day that was correct, but at the time, I did not know it myself!  Heather is a very kind and caring person, who was able to connect with my son and convey his messages to me.  My family has scheduled to see her for a Spirit Circle.  In closing, I want you all to know that I was not sure how I felt about people that could talk to our loved ones because. I had never had a reading of any type in my life.  Heather has changed that for me, I know how i feel now, Our loved ones are here and continue to walk with us...

 Thank you Heather, for having this gift that allows us to reach out to our loved ones who have gone before us.  This has been very comforting and quite the learning experience for me!!  

See you soon!


York, Pa


Heather Gentzler - Spirit Messenger and Reiki Master  East Berlin, PA 17316

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