Sacred Feather Messages Testimonials

Angie Donagher Myers

She is absolutely AMAZING!! She is on Point!! Not just with me but everyone in the room! It wasn't anything she would have known or could have known? She is good!! Very comforting as well.... I can't wait until next time! Thank You Heather

Tina Geiman

Had my first message circle with Heather on Friday. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! She was on point with a lot of things and made everyone feel comfortable. She is such a caring, good hearted, down to earth person who is AWESOME at what she does. Such an uplifting experience. Highly recommended her!

Kimberly Henry Thomas

This was my first experience with readings from a medium and I am extremely pleased! Heather made me feel comfortable, welcome and safe! The readings I heard and the people I watched her help was so intriguing. I hope to see more of her in the future! Good vibes!!

Christine McDonald

I want to Thank Heather so much, I look forward to more meeting with her. She makes you feel comfortable and safe at the same time. She is very good at what she does. Thank you Heather!!

Haley Devin

Our reading today was absolutely fantastic! I want to thank Heather so much for opening her house and welcoming us in. She had so many accurate messages, it just blew me away!

Bev Weber

Heather is a sweet and unassuming person who made our time with her very comfortable. She stated thing that were not spoken or commonly known for each of us. She took plenty of time for all our questions. She gave gentle guidance when needed. It was a very enlightening experience

Lynne Bishop

My daughter and I had a reading with Heather. She was awesome and on point about a lot of things. She spent time with us as we still have much healing to do. We felt very comfortable with her. I would highly recommend her!

Molly Fleming

Heather truly is an amazing individual. She gave my mother and I so much information we truly needed to hear, and realize. Our session with Heather was an experience like no other, and I am so thankful to have met her. I feel like a new door has opened for me. I feel as though a hole in my heart has been filled thanks to Heather's help. Heather is very warm, genuine, and humble. She has a strong yet sweet personality that can fill anyone with joy. I cannot wait to get together with Heather again. She can heal!!! I highly recommend Heather's services to anyone trying to reach out to lost ones, or specifically for oneself. Thank you so much Heather, can't wait to see you again soon!

Michelle L Snider

I was on my path that lead me to being introduced to her along my way...naturally interested, I attended a few of her classes and really loved the networking with others. We all come from different directions yet we meet together somewhere for us to meet, learn, and grow. And it began at Heather's sacred messages classes. The acceptance and warmth love is an instant vibe anyone should take the time to have that experience. I also learned and will continue to learn new things I can take with me on my own personal journey by continuing to join Heather and the others who gather.

I recommend Heather highly BC she's very intuitive and lives in a no judgement zone so you never need to feel anything of less. She is truly of love and light and I am happy to have stumbled upon her. I know she touches the hearts of many because I've sat back and observed her compassion of what she does. If anyone is thinking about going and your reading the reviews as I do won't be disappointed.... Besides.... Ur here for a reason...... It's for you to know something that she is Ur vessel.

Amanda Parr

Heather is truly a amazing person she told us so much things that nobody knows. I was so nervous but she made me feel so relaxed and answered a lot of my questions. It wasn't scary at all it meant so much to my fiancé and I. We feel so much better that we went to her. She gave us answers

Stephanie Keckler

AMAZING. Wonderful sense of peace. Heather you are truly special and I am very thankful for the gift of peace you have given.

Silvia Sioux Lakota

Beautiful page!!

Crystal Auman

Heather is Amazing! she reveled soo much and opened my eyes, Heather gave me hope, and peace, and guidance with my kids

Amy Ramos

Heather is a wonderful and caring person!! :) She is worth every penny. Out of all the readings I have gotten she has been the best overall.

Brittany Renee

She is amazing at what she does! She knew things that nobody would have known and took her time with my session, I will definitely get another reading from her again.

Nance Black-Woods

What can I say? Heather is the real deal. She told me things no one else could have known. She's easy to talk to and truly cares about her clients. Her sessions are always full of surprises and wonderful energy.

Allison Hesketh Klunk

My heart felt "softer" after speaking with Heather. Not only did I feel she "knew" my son, she also make me feel comfortable talking to her. You feel the energy as soon as you walk in, a peaceful presents. Thank you for bringing my angel to me..

Lisa Benkert

I was a little reserved about seeing a medium. So when I made my appt With Heather I made sure she could find anything our about me beforehand. I was amazed at all she was able to tell me and the comfort she was able to bring me .

Vicky Mathias

I love this website. I met Heather through my son. She has been a big help, connecting the two of us. Looking forward to seeing what my Angel and Heather have to share with us real soon.

Julie Lafferty Smith

I was truly amazed at the things Heather told me! If you have any hesitation at all....DON'T, just take the plunge. You will not be disappointed!

John Henn

7 years of dealing with questions and guilt gone now thank you so much. I can start loving again.

Mel Steckley

I had the most wonderful and enlightening experience with my visit. She helped me find light during a dark period in my life. She was able to give me the help I have needed most of my life and I am so grateful! Thank You Heather!

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